11 Jun

I wish to fall in love with someone who accepts me for who I am, someone who doesn’t care whether I’m emotional or a girl who eats like a pig. I wish to fall in love with someone who can be your best friend and brother, someone who won’t allow anyone to hurt you yet annoys you like a big brother does and listens and understands you like a best friend does, someone who doesn’t mind sharing their deepest secrets with you because they trust you and you show your trust to by sharing things no one knows about yourself.

I wish to happily fall in love. With ups and downs yet nothing can tear apart.

Liriko ng Basag na Puso

23 Apr

Araw-araw na away dahil sa selos
Di pa madala-dala
May makita lang na magandang babae
Susundan agad ng tingin
Sa akin ba’y di ka pa kuntento?
Hindi ko lubos maisip
Kung bakit gusto mo pa ng iba
Pag-ibig ko ba’y di pa sapat?
O iba lang ang hanap mo?
Kala mo kung sino kang gwapo
Ikaw naman ay isang gago
Sila’y kaya mong lokohin
Ngunit mga kasinungalingan mo’y di maipipilit sa’kin

Alam mong mahal na mahal kita
Handang ibigay halos lahat sa’yo
Ngunit kung pagmamahal ko’y di pa din sapat
Sabihin mo na habang kaya ko pa
Mabuting tapatin na ako kahit mga salita’y masakit
Dahil ano pa bang di ko kaya sa ginawa mong kalokohan?

Lucid Dreams

21 Apr

Time stood still when you passed me by
Unconsciously, I held my breath
While the butterflies fluttered in my stomach
This weird sensation you make me feel is never-ending

As you never fail to make my knees grow weak
You never noticed me looking at you,
Staring at you, smiling at you
The weird sensations you make me feel is never-ending

Your simple smile lights up my world
Though it makes me confused
About what do you really feel
The weird sensations you make me feel is never-ending

But as time passed by
I lost my will
For you never really looked at me
I think I’m just lucid dreaming

Now the fluttering butterflies are gone
Only to be replaced
By crawling bugs
The weird sensations you make me feel is never-ending

Fake Chance

7 Jan

I thought we had a chance
For these sparks to grow bright
You always put me in a trance
Whenever you’re in my sight

But time has passed
Your true colors had shown
You know I want this to last
But you’re making it impossible to grow




Worth It

7 Jan

You gave me back something I didn’t ask for
Something I wished to get rid of
I was afraid to get hurt
Afraid to fall again
Little did I know
You’re someone worth it all


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